Almedalen In The Cloud

Microsoft Sweden

This is a campaign site for "Almedalsveckan" ("The Almedalen week") which is the most important political event in Sweden with all leading parties and politicians represented. This large PR arrangement has more than 1 800 events occuring during one week in july every year and is located at Visby, Gotland.

The Webb and Mobile Apps project "Almedalsmolnet" or translated to English: "Almedalen in the cloud" is a collaboration between Microsoft and Curvanade which started in 2011 and now 2012 the collaboration continues. The main purpose is to have better and easier dissemination of information with increased accessibility for all visitors at Almedalen Week. Microsoft also like to see the possibilities that CurvanadeMobile give to the Web and Mobile experience using cloud services. Our goal is to build a relevant and effective platform for "Almedalsveckan" for developers, users and publishers alike. We see Almedalen in the Cloud as a living project which is under constant development. Almedalen in the Cloud is also available as iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps and this year also Windows 8 Modern UI App.

The Site and Apps

Web and Mobile is a joint development project between Microsoft and Curvanade. The site is based on CurvanadeMobile and integrated with Facebook and Twitter. The site is supported by mobile applications for iPhone, Andriod, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 Modern UI App.

During the Almedalen week 2011 the mobile applications hit the top 50 list for downloaded applications in Sweden.

This is meant to be an ongoing project to develop a platform for visitors, event owners, media, press, etc. providing all the necessary information.

Almedalsmolnet uses Curvanade Mobile Social Extension (see more under documentation)

During the coming months we will show how you can build a site like this, as well as mobile apps. We will show you code and we will have live online discussions.