Built in Content Management System

V Built in CMS

Maybe your app or website needs to be able to easily update content? You don't need to write your own admin frontend for your backend data, CurvanadeMobile comes with a built in CMS!

  • CurvanadeMobileCMS runs in a browser, so it will run on pretty much all modern devices that has a web browser.
  • CurvanadeMobiles Content Management System is exactly what it sounds like: a web based system for creating, publishing and managing your data.
  • Why do I need that, you ask yourself? Some typical scenarios for why:
    • You run your cool Mobile App Blog and someone adds some comments you need to approve before they are published. You just do it on your smartphone, no need to get that laptop out.
    • Someone at your marketing department wants to add marketing stuff to your Cool app. You send them the link to CurvanadeMobileCMS and let them do it themselves.
    • You don’t want to have to build a Backend Content handling system, you are a Mobile wizard.
    • This can be a long Iist. You probably get the idea.