The Mobile App Development Game changer

When we built CurvanadeMobile our goal was to build The Dream Mobile App Backend platform for all Mobile App Developers.

CurvanadeMobile is an Easy to use, Fast and Powerful backend that will take care of everything on the Server side for Mobile App Developers so they can focus on building rich and cool Apps for Business and Consumers.

CurvanadeMobile is a Game changer when it comes to Mobile App Development. No more headache about how to Store, Search and Push Data, or what platform to use for the backend. It is all taken care of by CurvanadeMobile.

CurvanadeMobile uses Microsoft Windows Azure for persistent data, this means we have multiple redundant datacenters all over the world.

Since CurvanadeMobile has public SDKs and APIs for all major platforms, it is extremely easy to use the same backend and data for your website as well as your mobile devices.

Now available: SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows Phone7, Windows 8, .NET, and JavaScript.

Windows 8

Built for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 Tablet

  • CurvanadeMobile, your way to build apps, applications and websites. 
  • You will be able to reach the 400 000 000 devices that will run Windows 8, Windows Mobile 8, Windows 8 Tablet or Windows RT without having to change anything in your backend. 
  • CurvanadeMobile gives you one Backend to rule them all. What we mean is that CurvanadeMobile is built from the beginning not only to support what is out there today like the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and websites, but also what is coming next year. 
  • Microsoft projects that in the next year there will be over 400 000 000 devices that will be running the Windows 8 platform and that includes PC, Laptops, Tablets and Phones and in a three year period there will be over 1 200 000 000 devices. CurvanadeMobile is built to handle that.
  • We will soon have demo applications in Windows 8 and as soon as the other versions of Windows 8 is out you will be able to download the sample apps and applications including the source so you can build Your Windows 8 Modern UI app or Windows Phone 8 Modern UI app,

Powered by CurvanadeMobile

Lots of data, Lots of usage

  • How much data will my Mobile App store? We know this is a tricky question! With CurvanadeMobile you can save one object or one million objects. It is up to you, you only pay for what you use and scaling up or down is as simple as pressing a button.
  • How many users will access my Mobile App? Same thing here, if your App is a super hit (of course it will be!) CurvanadeMobile will serve you just as well as if you are building a super-niched app used only by yourself. One user or one million users, doesn't matter if you use CurvanadeMobile for your backend.
  • Your data will be stored in datacenters hosted by Microsoft Windows Azure. This means state-of-the-art technology with multiple, redundant, globally distributed servers.
  • If you need to you can store your information in your own private Windows Azure Instance. Meaning legally the data is all administred by you, you just give CurvanadeMobile access to it. And if you don't want that any more you just click a few buttons to migrate, and let us handle everything.
  • You can create your own backup strategies in the CurvanadeMobile Administration pages.

What is Fast?

Blink of an eye

  • The Mobile experience need to be Fast and that is what CurvanadeMobile gives you!
  • CurvanadeMobile defines Fast as "The blink of an eye". The human eye takes between 300 and 400 milliseconds to complete a single blink. In that time an App should be able to send a request to the server and get all the info it needs back.
  • How does CurvanadeMobile do that, you ask yourself? The answer is years of development of a state of the art cloud backend that has been designed for Speed Speed Speed!

Even my.... can do this


  • Step 1 Sign up. Easy.
  • Step 2 Login to get a GUID (your token). Easy.
  • Step 3 Install CurvandeMobile SDK for your platform of choice. Easy Again.
  • Step 5 Write a single function call to Save your Data (you can copy the code). Easy
  • Step 6 Write a single function call to Load your Data (you can copy the code). Easy
  • Well that does not sound too hard does it? Remember you can try it at home.

Built in Content Management System

Built in CMS

Maybe your app or website needs to be able to easily update content? You don't need to write your own admin frontend for your backend data, CurvanadeMobile comes with a built in CMS!

  • CurvanadeMobileCMS runs in a browser, so it will run on pretty much all modern devices that has a web browser.
  • CurvanadeMobiles Content Management System is exactly what it sounds like: a web based system for creating, publishing and managing your data.
  • Why do I need that, you ask yourself? Some typical scenarios for why:
    • You run your cool Mobile App Blog and someone adds some comments you need to approve before they are published. You just do it on your smartphone, no need to get that laptop out.
    • Someone at your marketing department wants to add marketing stuff to your Cool app. You send them the link to CurvanadeMobileCMS and let them do it themselves.
    • You don’t want to have to build a Backend Content handling system, you are a Mobile wizard.
    • This can be a long Iist. You probably get the idea.